Make a Difference – Vote!

Make a Difference – Vote!

Our system of government has served as a model for democracies around the world. Even so, only about half of those eligible in the United States regularly use their most powerful tool: the right to vote. Translation? Only about half of us decide who will represent all of us.

· EVERY VOTE REALLY DOES MATTER Many fail to understand how critical each vote can be. Consider this: in the 2000 elections, fewer than 10,000 votes determined control of the entire U.S. government. That's only about 2 votes per elected state or federal official!

· MAKE A DIFFERENCE Because the cornerstone of our system is a government of the people, increased voter participation can and will improve how that system performs for each of us.

· STAND UP FOR OUR INDUSTRY Our industry has much at stake in this election. On Nov. 4, 2008, voters will elect thousands of state and local leaders, 11 Governors, 435 Members of Congress, 35 Senators and a new President. Each and every one of these elected officials has the ability to positively or negatively shape legislation affecting each of us, our company, and our communities.

· BECOME INFORMED We encourage you to visit for general information that will help you prepare for the upcoming elections. This website is designed to encourage individuals, regardless of political affiliations, to exercise their civic duties to learn about political issues and to vote their conscience on Election Day. This website does not endorse any specific political candidates, parties or causes.

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