March is here and it’s time to think about spring planting!

Native trees can be ordered through Tree-Mendous Maryland for plantings on public lands.
The Spring Order Form is available by clicking here or by using this link:
(Trees are available until sold out)

Need larger sizes, other species or supplies?
The Special Order Form is available by clicking here or by using this link:
(Place your "Specials" order no later than 3/15)

Trees can be delivered to Greenbriar SP (Western), Tuckahoe SP (Eastern) or Cedarville SF (Southern) at no cost, but you must order before 4/4.

If you would like trees to plant in your yard, Marylanders Plant Trees is the program for you!
 Visit a participating nursery and use your $25 off coupon to purchase a tree from the recommended tree list valued at $50 or more. After you plant, don’t forget to register your trees for a chance to win some great prizes!

If you can't plant a tree, consider giving the Gift of Trees.

Lindsay Major
Maryland DNR Forest Service
Register all newly planted trees today!

Updating Forest Management Plans

The 2010 - 2015 AFF Standards have updated management plan requirements. Plans are required to address the following resource elements: forest health, soil, water, wood and fiber production, threatened and endangered species, special sites, invasive species, integrated pest management, and high conservation value forests. If a resource element is not present on the property or relevant to its management, plans should state that clearly.

 Example: The plan writer has checked the threatened and endangered species database available in their state and seen that there are no documented occurrences of a threatened or endangered species on the Tree Farm. The plan should include a brief statement on the results of the plan writer's research and the date completed.

ATFS has developed a management plan addendum to help update current management plans to the new Standards. Please visit for a copy of the addendum.
Landowners and plan writers are always encouraged to update plans frequently using informal notes and comments.