Furman Forest Services, LLC has been named as the Maryland Forests Association Logger of the Yea

Furman Forest Services, LLC has been named as the Maryland Forests Association Logger of the Year for 2009. The family-run business has thirty years of experience in the wood products industry, and has operated in its current form since 2001. The Furmans are well known for their high standards in customer relations, their drive for innovation, and their dedication to getting the job done right.

Mark, Randy, and Matt leave every customer satisfied, and use practices that leave the job site at its highest potential to grow the next stand of timber. When heavy rain threatens to damage the soil if logging operations continue, the Furmans sacrifice productivity and shut down for the day. They often take extra time to leave the site just as the landowner requests, whether it be with a firewood pile or an additional circle drive, and always retire a site with adequate mulch and seed. On the rare occasion that a landowner has an issue or dispute after the job is closed out, the Furmans act quickly and professionally to right the wrong.

The Furmans keep a close watch on current market conditions as well as emerging trends. In order to operate in tight quarters with high efficiency, the Furmans recently purchased a John Deere 120 tracked feller/buncher. Only 8 feet wide, this machine helps them to complete thinning jobs quickly and with minimal damage to the residual stand. Products are sorted on the landing for as many as nine different markets from tops and branches to veneer. Their experience in harvesting and hauling tops and branches puts them ahead of the curve when the biomass market expands.

Mark and Randy have both been active Master Loggers since 2004, and also participate in New Page's Controlled Forest Management Certified Wood Program. These programs help set them apart from the competition, and ensure their clients that they are choosing loggers with up-to-date training and a history of good practices.

Furman Forest Services is located in Frostburg, Maryland (Allegany County). They were nominated by foresters Dan Hedderick of the MD DNR Forest Service and Juls Wood of Reynwood Forest Management Inc.

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