Updating Forest Management Plans

The 2010 - 2015 AFF Standards have updated management plan requirements. Plans are required to address the following resource elements: forest health, soil, water, wood and fiber production, threatened and endangered species, special sites, invasive species, integrated pest management, and high conservation value forests. If a resource element is not present on the property or relevant to its management, plans should state that clearly.

 Example: The plan writer has checked the threatened and endangered species database available in their state and seen that there are no documented occurrences of a threatened or endangered species on the Tree Farm. The plan should include a brief statement on the results of the plan writer's research and the date completed.

ATFS has developed a management plan addendum to help update current management plans to the new Standards. Please visit www.treefarmsystem.org/certification for a copy of the addendum.
Landowners and plan writers are always encouraged to update plans frequently using informal notes and comments.

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