The Abundant Forests Alliance

The Abundant Forests Alliance (AFA) educates consumers and customers about the abundance of our U.S. forests, industry efforts to ensure their sustainability, and why everyone can continue to feel good about using wood and paper products. Learn more by visiting their site for industry members at

It’s your single source for the latest information about the many good things our forest industry is doing to ensure that our forests will remain abundant for generations to come. The site contains downloadable materials and proprietary information you can use to communicate with your customers and reassure them that U.S. forests are growing and that wood and paper products from managed forests are an environmentally responsible choice

Leading companies of America's wood and paper products industry have joined to form the Abundant Forests Alliance. They want consumers and our customers to understand how sustainable forestry practices, new technologies, increased recycling and other advances are making it possible for our nation to have both the wood and paper products it needs, as well as a healthy and thriving forest resource. By working together to “Renew. Reuse. Respect.SM” this remarkable resource and all it provides, there can be abundant forests for generations to come.

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