General Forestry Course

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the General Forestry Course

This course is designed for individuals wishing to increase their understanding of forests and forest management. Specifically, the course targets Maryland forest landowners and other citizens with an interest in the principles and practices of forestry.

The University of Maryland Cooperative Extension is announcing the opening for the spring 2009 semester of the General Forestry Course. The course begins February 1 and runs until May 20, 2009. Registration opens January 2. There are no formal classes and you work from the comfort of your home using your own woodlot, a friend's or a public forest.

The course is available as both a paper version and a web-based version. You will learn how to protect your trees from insects and diseases; step-by-step procedures walk you through a forest inventory and stand analysis; details of the forestry business are presented, and much more. Ultimately, the course exercises help you develop the framework for a forest management plan. The course has changed enrollees perspective towards forests and forest management, encouraged family discussions, and even save some folks thousands of dollars. The cost is $300.00. Included are supplemental readings (A Sand County Almanac, The Woodland Steward, American Forests: A History of Resiliency and Recovery, and a small pamphlet entitled What Tree Is That?). A certificate of completion is awarded when all assignments are completed.

Both the online version and the paper version of the course will be offered in the Spring 2009 Semester (February 1 to May 20, 2009).

There are two methods of learning available: the web-based or online version, and the original paper version. This web site discusses the online version of the course. To learn about the paper version, click General Forestry Course--Paper Version.

Note: Registration for The General Forestry Course opens January 2 for the spring semester and August 1 for the fall semester. Enrollment is based on a first-come, first-served basis. If the class is full and you are unable to enroll, you will be placed on a waiting list.

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For more information, contact Nancy Stewart or 410/827-8056, ext. 112

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