Updates from Around the State

The Maryland No-Net-Loss of ForestsTask Force has met several times and has started to draft findings. Another meeting is scheduled for Dec.9th.

A new program that will support urban tree canopy planting has been developed. Governor O’Malley announced the Smart, Green, and Growing Initiative in mid-November, starting with the Marylanders Grow Trees program and website http://www.trees.maryland.gov/ .

The Governor also will be announcing the new GreenPrint program on December 3rd that will identify priorities for land conservation, with its own website. The priorities for the Program Open Space targeting include four layers, one of which is the forests important for water quality developed for the Chesapeake Bay Forest Conservation Directive.

Two other new websites that may be good resources for forest conservation and urban tree canopy efforts are below:

  • The Conservation Fund has developed a website to exchange information on Green Infrastructure planning and projects around the country. http://www.greeninfrastructure.net/resources
  • The Center for Watershed Protection has developed a website as a central point for resources for forest-friendly development and using trees and forests to improve watershed functions like managing stormwater. http://www.forestsforwatersheds.org/

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