Space still available for Friday afternoon field tour on Forest Operations at Evergreen Estates

As part of MFA 2009 Annual Conference

Friday ~ October 30th ~ 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Bus leaves Rocky Gap Lodge at 1 pm
Limited to 50 people / $5 registration fee
CFE and CE Credits awarded


The Evergreen Heritage Center will provide a unique experience with an overview of their education center and the outdoor classroom, plus the opportunity to tour local history through the eyes of the Keene family. The field tour includes a "green" small scale logging demonstration with local logger Matt Diehl & forester Dan Hedderick.

The Evergreen Heritage Center (Evergreen), located on 130 acres of "Federal Hill" in Allegany County, is an historic Maryland estate that pre-dates the Revolutionary War. Evergreen includes the Trimble family's ancestral home (now a museum), beautifully landscaped grounds, forest and streams, all in a scenic location adjacent to the Great Allegheny Passage and Western Maryland Scenic Railway. In 1976, Evergreen was recognized by the Maryland Historical
Trust and added to its inventory of historical properties. Two generations later, in 1993, the descendent landowners converted the family's ancestral farmhouse to a museum, displaying over 200 years of antiques, artifacts, and historical deeds and documents. (CLICK ON PHOTO TO GO TO EVERGREEN WEBSITE)

Evergreen also contains 115 acres of forest that have been managed per Maryland forestry guidelines since 1949. In 1984, Evergreen adopted a Forest Conservation Management Agreement, and in 1986 was named MD Tree Farm of the Year. Due to environmentally friendly tree harvesting methods used at Evergreen, the DNR frequently utilizes the Evergreen forest to conduct demonstrations on responsible logging for landowners considering timber
harvesting on small lots.

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