Webinar - Your Land Your Legacy…February 16

The average age of a woodland owner is over 60 years old.  In the coming years, a large percentage of woodland owners will need to make decisions about the future of their land.  Land is often a landowner’s most valuable financial asset. However, land is not like other assets. Because land can be connected to memories, experiences, and feelings not normally associated with assets such as stocks and bonds, your land may also have significant personal value. Deciding what to do with your land brings with it the challenge of providing for the financial and personal needs of you and your family.  

The good news is that land is a flexible asset that lends itself to creative solutions for gaining financial and personal value.  The ForestConnect Webinar Series continues on February 16, 2011 with Paul Catanzaro of the University of Massachusetts who will give the presentation “Your Land, Your Legacy:  Deciding the Future of Your Land.”  This webinar will discuss the role of estate planning as it pertains to land and its conservation, provide tips on family communication towards goal setting for the land, outline the professionals that woodland owners should seek for assistance, and learn from the stories of other woodland owners.  This webinar will not provide direct legal advice to owners, but will prepare owners and their families to start the estate planning process.  Supplemental reading for this webinar can be found at http://www.masswoods.net/images/stories/pdf/ylyl_web.pdf  

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