2008 SFI Progress Report

2008 SFI progress report, Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Growing Stronger Together is now available online at

While the numbers show impressive growth, what impresses me most is the hard work and dedication behind them. Together, we are making sustainable forest management and responsible fiber procurement more acceptable and more accessible – and that’s good news for the world’s forests.

I also want to thank members of the SFI External Review Panel for their help in preparing this document, and for their continued guidance through the standard review process.

There is tremendous value through our work together – whether it is volunteering time or resources to build a Habitat for Humanity house, investing in forest research, or taking the time to help customers understand the importance of forest certification and the value of sourcing responsibly.

This helps explain why the SFI program is among the largest and most widely accepted forest certification programs in the world. At a time when there is increased sensitivity to environmental claims, we are earning trust through our actions and by making sure our labels and claims conform with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the Competition Bureau of Canada and ISO 14020’s nine principles for Environmental Labeling designed to promote accurate, verifiable and relevant environmental declarations and claims.

As long as we remain true to our principal goal of promoting responsible forest management, we will continue to grow stronger together. More buyers will look to SFI-certified products as a sound environmental choice, and more consumers will look for our label in stores.

The 2008 progress report is posted on the SFI website at www.sfiprogram.com/files/pdf/GrowingStrongerTogether_%20ProgressReport2008HR.pdf and copies by can ordered by emailing info@sfiprogram.org.


Kathy Abusow
President & CEO
Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc.

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