MFA moves Hunting Lease Liability Program to new underwriter

Outdoor Underwriters Endorsed by MFA's Board of Governors

Over the past year there have been some changes within the Davis-Garvin Agency and their coverage for MFA Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Program. . As a result of these changes, MFA's Board of Governors reviewed the program and its coverage and looked at alternatives.

As a result of that review, the Board voted to endorse our Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Program through Outdoor Underwriters, Inc. which is also located in Columbia, South Carolina. (

The program, through Outdoor Underwriters, written through Lloyds of London, will have the same benefits as the MFA Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Program which you have used in the past. In addition, the minimum premium is lower ($150 vs $175) which we felt was important as many of you have smaller parcels that you are covering, and the per acre rate is also lower ( .17 vs .19) Listing the landowner as an Additional insured@ will remain at $26 / landowner.

Another benefit of moving to endorse MFA Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Program through Outdoor Underwriters is that they are partnering with the American Tree Farm System and there is also the potential for other programs to be developed for MFA to endorse to our members, such as:
  • Prescribed Burning Liability
  • Consulting Foresters Liability
  • Standing Timber Insurance

For established members, your renewal process will remain the same. You will receive a renewal notice from Outdoor Underwriters. (Disregard any notices from Davis-Garvin).
Two separate checks will need to be written ~ one for the premium, payable to Outdoor Underwriters; and a second for the hunt club and forest landowner dues ($80 and $50) , payable to the Maryland Forests Association.

Both checks plus the completed form will be sent first to the MFA office in Grantsville where they will be processed and forwarded on to Outdoor Underwriters.

We believe you will be pleased with these changes. Moving MFA Hunting Lease Liability Insurance Program to Outdoor Underwriters allows us to lower costs for you and to continue to work with those agents that first brought the program to you more than 10 years ago.

If you have any questions, please contact the MFA office at 301-895-5369.

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