Update on House Energy/Climate Bill

This morning, the American Clean Energy & Security Act will be considered on the House floor. The Rule for the bill, if adopted, adds an amendment from Rep. Waxman making further changes in the bill. The Waxman changes include the amendment from Rep. Peterson (attached). In particular, the language that AF&PA and others had proposed regarding the phrase “residues or byproducts from wood, pulp, or paper products facilities” was added to the Waxman changes last night. This phrase is now included in the definition of biomass for the RES, the RFS, and the cap-trade program. The relevant portion of the Waxman changes are attached.

Everyone’s communications with key House Democratic offices was very helpful in accomplishing this critical change in the bill. In particular, Reps. Michaud, Baird, and Schrader were key in accomplishing the change. If you have a relationship with these three members please contact them today to thank them for their assistance.


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