SFI Webinar Invitation

SFI Webinar Invitation
SFI 101
Thursday, April 22, 2010
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (eastern)

Please join us for a live, interactive webinar. This webinar is a basic primer on SFI and will cover the Standard, Labels & Claims, and SFI, Inc.

Please forward this invitation to all relevant staff, sales/ marketing teams, graphic designers and training coordinators in your organization. You can join the call individually from your desk or join together in your conference room. Register now!
Visit www.sfiprogram.org/SFI-webinars/ for more information about all sessions in SFI's webinar series.

Webinar Agenda

SFI, Inc. Vice President and COO, Rick Cantrell, will lead this 90 minute live webinar and Q&A period and will:
Provide an overview of forest certification in North America
Introduce the SFI program and key components
Answer your questions on SFI.

RSVP and Contact Information
If you have questions, contact Julia Hershberger.

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