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1. USGBC’s LEED Program: Update

Our partners, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI Inc) have launched an online petition ( urging the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to recognize all credible certification systems, like ATFS, in their LEED programs. We need your help to send a message to USGBC that there is a large community of family forest owners and foresters that are not happy with the current LEED program. Please urge your fellow inspectors, friends and family to sign the petition. The more names we gather, the louder our collective voice and the harder it will be for the USGBC to ignore.

ATFS has been working with the U.S. Green Building Council for a number of years to encourage them to recognize all credible forest certification systems under their LEED program for rating green buildings. USGBC recently completed a third public comment period for the certified wood credit. ATFS staff submitted comments to USGBC about the need to recognize all credible forest certification programs. Staff comments were supported by some great contributions from state Tree Farm committee members, other volunteers, AFF Grassroots Leaders, and Tree Farmers. We will notify our partners of the results of the comment period when they are posted by USGBC.

2. Inspector Training

Trained facilitators are now available to host inspector training workshops! Please contact your state committee for more information on available workshops in your state.

Please look for more information in coming weeks on the availability of the online refresher course for current inspectors.

3. What Acreage do you count?

We have been asked recently, “What acreage do you count as certified on a given Tree Farm?” Tree Farm acreage should be the eligible forested acres. You cannot exempt a portion of a contiguous forest management unit that does not meet the AFF Standards. Forested acres may include features such as food plots, water resources (lakes, ponds, streams), and other non-forested areas as long as these are small enough that they remain a part of the forest system.

Please encourage Tree Farmers to contact the state Tree Farm committee when they have a change in their acreage

Need a 004 form?

Electronic copies of the 004 inspector form and the auditor verification form are always available on the ATFS website. Visit>Tree Farm in Your State>Inspectors Corner for this and other resources for inspectors.

Or contact your state program if you are meeting with a specific landowner and you would like to have an electronic copy to print that is pre-populated with the Tree Farm and landowner information. All state contacts are listed on the Tree Farm website.

As always, check out the latest news of what’s happening at the American Forest Foundation on our website –

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